Sydney D. Falkner

Sydney Falkner, artist and founder of Durrett Designs resides with her husband and K9 son, Sir Raleigh in Charlotte, NC. Originally born in Cary, NC she began to explore with her paintbrush at the age of 10. Sydney has opened the doors to an online presence and online shop where her fans can purchase original artworks, fine prints and limited-edition seasonal goods. You can also find more of her original works throughout the Carolina's and in select galleries, breweries and boutiques.

Limitless Light: A series of fine art abstracts with a message and mindset

The Limitless Light collection is the culmination of channeling uncertainty into hope, happiness, and ambition. In the world today, feelings of familiarity and safety just aren’t what they used to be. Brought on by current events, ambiguity is more prevalent than ever and the unknown has taken many to a place filled with tension and frustration. Placing mind over matter, Sydney internalized her feelings and personal challenges into creative superpower, fueling this new collection of abstracts. For her, the series represents the beauty that is; one's ability to overcome in the face of adversity. With an encouraging message and philosophy to live without limits, her artworks serve as a reminder to embrace the unintended and continue moving forward; even when the future isn’t exactly clear. Her belief is that embracing this mindset will result in a fuller life, and happiness will prevail.

2020 is the year for us to grow together and seek beauty where we can. My hope is that by creating these bodies of work, I’m able to help spread light, spread love and let humanity heal when we need it most.”

Sydney’s approach is calculated but sporadic. Her background in interior design and unique style leads to a combination of wildly splintered splatters of paint and layered compositions, creating a canvas of depth and dimension. Locations play a role into her process, as elements of her environment naturally and accidentally fuse their way into her mind bringing a special story and legacy to each piece.

I’m often inspired by my surroundings, surprising color combinations and elements of design my goal is to infuse these elements and form an abstraction of realistic subjects and compositions. No matter the subject, I strive to portray a balance of realism with a surprise of abstract flare to complement each other. With the majority of my work done on stretched canvas using an acrylic medium, I enjoy experimenting with different techniques and materials. By using vivid colors and playful brushstrokes I’m able to capture my emotions into a moment in time with a message to share.”

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