Looking for a one-of-a kind way to commemorate your special occasion or event?! Let my paintbrush tell the story right before your eyes! 

Live painting is such a fun new trend that adds so much to an event!
There are so many reasons to include a live artist in your celebratory event or special occasion and here are some of the reasons...
  1.  Wedding: A live wedding painting adds a unique element to your ceremony or reception that will set your wedding apart from others. 
  2. Anniversary Party: A live painting adds a unique element to your already unique party or reception that will set your special day apart from others!
  3. Corporate Events: A live painting by provides engaging entertainment for your "work family" and a point of conversation that is sure to be a highlight!. A live painting provides the guests that aren't into the "small talk" something to talk about! 
  4. Charity Events: Painting it forward (live) brings an element of entertainment and excitement to your guests in hopes that they will feel a stronger connection and longing to donate to the charitable cause. **Option for painting to be auctioned off during or after the event for proceeds to go towards charity.

Once your live painting is complete, you will have the chance to do as you please with the masterpiece that you and your guests got to watch come alive!

 Investing in a live painting is the perfect way to celebrate your special occasion which becomes the perfect starter to piece to your art collection!

I would love to be considered to be a part of your wedding or special event! Please shoot us an email to sydney@durrettdesigns.com or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page with the date of your event and the location and we will provide our price list and guidelines for you to review.
        I look forward to chatting with you about the possibility of being a part of your next celebration!