What does the set-up look like?

The set-up is quick and simple! This includes me bringing a portable wooden easel to the event; acrylic paint; mason jars (for paint water); a variety of paint brushes and one or two small tables (depending on space). I never want my business to be an eyesore, therefore I take precautions to ensure my materials do not clash or interfere with the event or venue.

What should I expect on the day of the event? 

For this event, I would prefer to arrive at least 1-2 hours in advance of the event. This allows plenty of time to set up and begin laying out a loose composition before guests start arriving. As guests begin to fill in, I will begin developing more detail of the picture. Guests are happily welcome to come up and chat or ask questions at any point during the live painting! 

 Every painting is different and exciting in its own way! Achieved in response to the atmosphere and event. My style is very impressionistic, created with a loose hand and vivid colors – an expression of the lively event more than a realistic rendering.

What all is included in the Live Painting "Rate?"

Pricing for a Live Painting is charged based on a general flat rate. This rate includes; material/supplies cost, travel fees,  the actual “live painting entertainment” and a FINISHED custom painting. Shipping cost is not included in this initial rate but will be determined once the masterpiece is ready to be shipped! 
Listed below is a detailed breakdown of what's included in the flat rate:
  • Material/ Supplies Cost: Canvas size options are factored into the rate.
  • Travel Fee: 2020 Mileage Rate = $0.58/mile 
  • Artwork Time:  Setup/Start Time, Actual Festivities, Breakdown
    • Any additional touch-ups and refining details. Touch up work can take between 5-10 hours but is a necessary step to finishing your masterpiece! This is included in the artwork time to ensure you are completely happy and satisfied with the final painting! 
  • Shipping and Handling: Pricing varies depending on zip code. The finished painting will be coordinated following the event (once the revisions have been made and approved).  

    How do I ensure my event date?

     Assuming the event date is available, a deposit of 50% of the total amount is due upon signing the contract to reserve the live painting event in the calendar. The remaining balance can be paid upon completion of the painting. 

    Every event is different and exciting in its own way! I hope to provide a fun and creative form of entertainment while creating a one-of a kind painting to enjoy with the years to come. 

    If you're interested in booking a Live Painting event please contact me directly, Sydney@durrettdesigns.com

    Thank you so much!!




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