Inspired by...

my surroundings, I've taken this year as an opportunity to shine light through my art where light deserves to be shines. 

Through these collections I hope you see the brightness and beauty that can come from these uncertain times. It's been a year clarity, a push for growth and a reason to live limitlessly.

Rock the Art

As you know, we are SO excited about the launch of my first fine art clothing collection! As each jacket has been individually, hand-painted as a wearable work of art, it is made with love for YOU love! I

Inspired by a personal journey of happy accidents, determination and a dream to live life limitlessly, this one-of-a kind jacket is a reminder of just that. 

You’re one of a kind, just like this jacket. Rock it well and look back at it!

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We'd love to see you rockin' your freshie!

Take a pic of you in your new jacket and tag @durrett_designs and use the hashtag #LookBackAtUs

Let my paintbrush, tell your story...

Whether it's a general idea or an exact picture to paint from, I'll work with you every step of the way on sizes, colors and any other suggestions that I can provide. Each custom painting is created to tell your story through my paintbrush so that it's meaningful for you!

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