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February 02, 2023 — Sydney Falkner
Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

As we scramble to find last minute holiday gifts for friends and family, ever thought of art being the perfect thing? Not only is it heartfelt and thoughtful, but you can also feel confident about the quality of the gifts you're buying, and know that you are supporting a small business and big dream. THANK YOU!!! 

Here's a holiday gift guide I've put together with a few heARTfelt gift ideas to give to yourself or your loved ones this holiday! 


December 16, 2020 — Sydney Durrett
Live Limitlessly

Live Limitlessly

 As you know, we are SO excited about the launch of my first fine art clothing collection! As each jacket has been individually, hand-painted as a wearable work of art, I've created it just for YOU! Inspired by a personal journey of happy accidents, determination and a dream to live life limitlessly, this one-of-a kind jacket is a reminder of just that. 


Life is a world of possibilities, open and there for the taking. Keep your head high and remember to make the most of every day. Never stop moving forward, even when uncertainty lies ahead. It's those uncertain times and happy accidents that get you to where you need to be.

Before you take it off, remember all the beautiful victories you had today. Be proud of yourself because tomorrow is a new day of new opportunities to live limitlessly... You've got something they don't and this jacket is a daily reminder of that.



You’re one of a kind, just like this jacket. Rock it well and look back at it! Throw on your jacket and take a picture with your back to camera. Share on social with @durrettdesigns with the hashtag #livelimitlessly



Made with 100% Recycled Cotton.
Jacket in washed cotton denim. Collar, buttons at front, and yoke front and back. Chest pockets with flap and button, front pockets, and button at cuffs. Unlined.
Denim Care:
We recommend spot cleaning when possible or hand wash if needed and hang dry. Handle with care. Each jacket has been individually pre-washed before painted on.
October 22, 2020 — Sydney Durrett